Apple ipad2 ipad3 screen film | film | HD film | Accessories | high permeability film | HD Screensavers film

Apple ipad2 ipad3 screen film | film | HD film | Accessories | high permeability film | HD Screensavers film

Product description:

NEW Screen Protector Guard Clear Film for Apple iPad 2 iPad 3

-Made With high quality material. Protect your iPad's LCD screen against dust and scratches.
-Offers Tough, durable, transparent surface while keeping the screen clean and unscratched.
-Easy And convenient to use, nontoxic
-Attaches Smoothly with self-adhering surface; Leaves no residue when removed
-Finger Print free; Bubble-free application;
-Improves Handwriting recognition;
-Anti-Reflective function;
-Ultra Smooth Surface: Enhance the experience and utilization of touch screen and stylus features

Package includes:
1 x screen guard

Film Skills
The first step; in the absence of indoor air clean, soft cloth to clean the screen; to ensure that no ash on the screen
The second step, prepare a little transparent glass tape backup
The third step is to transfer a small portion of the surface to uncover roll
The fourth step, aligning the edge of the screen will display on the screen veneer adsorption
The fifth step; slowly transfer surface drawn from below; of course; to be optimistic about the screen surface adsorption and cell phone affixed mirror
The sixth step; completely out of the transfer surface; if the screen affixed with three; the uppermost layer of tear; End Film
In the process of being attached; if there is a bubble; Note the bubbles below the dust is on the phone or film; you can use the backup tape stick out
product features:
1. Imported materials, high permeability-type material.
2. Protection of membrane surface by the wear scratch treatment, scratch index of 3H.
3. The protective film by the anti ultraviolet treatment to prevent ultraviolet damage to the eyes.
4. Can reduce the reflection up to 90% light transmission rate of 99%, the picture is clear and vivid, protect the quality of color without distortion.
5. long time not because of deterioration, not like other paste leave a corrosive adhesive surface of the screen, safe and reliable. Reusable paste, without leaving any traces, non-corrosive surface.
1. effectively prevent the LCD screen scratching and wear;
2. Surface antistatic, is not easy to gather dust soiled;
3. The use of advanced coating technology, direct collision angle is not easy to leave fingerprints;
4. There is a special anti-reflective, glare function, to eliminate reflected light, strong glare 98% of the external environment;