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IPAD 2 screen protective film

IPAD 2 screen protective film
  • IPAD 2 screen protective film
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* 100% brand new high quality.
* Clear screen protector for IPAD 2
* Anti-scratch, anti-glare, dustproof and waterproof.
* Perfect fit and easy to install.
* Provide ultra comfortable feeling for you.
(Please do not perform installation in a dusty environment.
Please read installation steps from the two tabs on the front and back protector layers before performing installation.)

Compatible with:
Apple iPad 2

Package included:
1 x Clear screen protector For iPad 2

SKU: 901951-IP0001

Foil techniques:
1, first with the package included small fiber cloth to wipe the screen clean surface dust.
2, and then determine the direction of paste sequence, and tearing a small portion labeled as '①' shape from the film, ready to paste.
3, in the film, first tearing part of the "shape from the film ', centered on the screen and paste it, then edge tearing edge paste, paste until it is completely good.
4, stick good protective film, and then tear marked with '②' second layer 'shape from the film'.
5, the last completely tear 'shape from the film', you can put to use your iPad a.

1, before the film must ensure that no dust on the screen a little bit
2, when the film keep abreast of the fingers to avoid the veneer membrane contact in order to avoid leaving the veneer of dust, there will be bubbles stickers.
3, the best to ensure a good stick, to avoid leaving dust stick again when, after the paste bubbles.

SKU: 901951-IP0001