ipad 2/3 electronic sound amplification equipment | amplifiers | Red

ipad 2/3 electronic sound amplification equipment | amplifiers | Red

Product description:

'Amplifiear Electricity-Free Snap-On Speaker Design for iPads Boost The Volume Red

Amplifiear is a simple analog amplifier for the iPad's external speaker. It snaps on to the iPad, bouncing sound from the rearward-facing speaker back toward the user.

The Amplifiear is a sound amplification device for the new iPad Simple in its construction -.. With no batteries or electricity needs, the orb-like piece seeks to cup the speaker that jettisons from the back of the smart pad The Amplifiear simply clips onto the corner of the iPad and reflects and amplifies the sound - boosting snare drums and other more nuanced sounds that often get lost or muffled.

The low-tech accessory clips on to the iPad. It has a diameter of just 8.8cm, and a thickness of just 1.5cm. It is made of ABS plastic, which is an extremely common plastic used for this type of item and is completely recyclable. There are no electronic parts, and no electricity needed.

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