Lithium coin battery CR2025 3V 5 Capsules

Lithium coin battery CR2025 3V 5 Capsules

Product description:

5 x CR2025 Lithium Button Cell Coin 3V Battery New

Designed for today's watches, electronics and digital equipment
Provides an excellent combination of high energy and continuous voltage supply
Long shelf life for backing up energy purposes
Ideal temperature resistance
Superior storage capacity
Use in the following products: Watches; Calculators; Computers; Cameras; Digital; Cameras; PDAs; Remote Controls; Camcorders; Electronic Games; Electronic Instruments; MP3 Players; Digital Voice Recorders; Toys; Blood Glucose; Cholesterol Testing Meters; Hundreds of other electronic products
Voltage: 3V
Model: CR2025
Color: Silver
Package Includes:
5 x CR2025 Button Batteries

Specification Description:
Model : CR-2025
Size: 5 Capsules
Can Charge: unavailable
Size : diameter 20 mm, thickness 2.5 mm ( button battery size can be seen from the model; model number in; the first two in diameter; the latter two are Thickness * 10; units are mm )
Output voltage : 3V