Black | Dual USB | Mobile Power | Theory 5000 mA | practical about 4000 mA | supports a variety of digital products

Black | Dual USB | Mobile Power | Theory 5000 mA | practical about 4000 mA | supports a variety of digital products

Product description:

New 5000mAh External Battery Backup Power Bank Charger W / 5 Connectors for iPad iPhone Nokia MP3

High Quality Battery Power Bank Charger Portable Power Station 5000mAh!
Includes 5 Changeable Connectors for Mobile phones; iPod; iPhone; Nokia; MP3; MP4

External portable battery allows you to charge most electronic devices on the go. You will never have to worry about losing power again. This compact, long-lasting rechargeable battery conveniently fits in your pocket or purse and does not require additional power source to charge your devices. It's great for traveling, for either short or long trips, or even just as a back-up power source. Works great for charging mobile phones, PDA's, portable game consoles, music players, tablets, etc.

Product Details:
-Powerful 5000 mAh external Power source for most potable devices
-Includes 5 extension connectors to support most potable devices
-With Dual USB port allowing you to charge two devices at the same time
-3 LED indicators indicating power condition (strong or weak)
-Must Have to charge your portable devices on the go

-Capacity: Theoretically 5000mAh (actually 4000mAh)
-Input: DC5V / 1A
-USB Oupput 1: DC5V / 1A
-Output: DC5V / 0.5A
-Charging Time: about 8.5 hours
-Dimension: 110mm x 70mm x 16 mm
-Color: Black

The package includes:
-1 - Multi Lead USB Adapter Cable
-1 - IPod / iPhone Adapter
-1 - Nokia DC 2.0 Adapter
-1 - Mini USB Adapter
-1 - Micro USB Adapter
-1 - Sony Ericsson Adapter

Product Specifications

Body: 110 * 70 * 16 mm

Input: DC5V 500mA

Output: USB2 DC5V 500mA; USB1 DC5V 1000mA

Cell phone charger to charge time: about 60 minutes (different brands and models of mobile phones a bit different)

Charging time: 4.5 hours; natural discharge time: more than 5000 hours

Mobile power: for mobile phones; cameras; other MP3MP4; handheld console

Mobile / Digital Scope: Nokia, Samsung, millet, Meizu, all models apple iphone, HTC, ipad Tablet PC, Sony, Sony Ericsson, and all other mobile phones.

Dual USB output, you can simultaneously charge two mobile phones / Mp3 / Mp4 / GPS / PSP / Bluetooth