IP036 genuine mobile power | Nokia htc Samsung | iPhone mobile phone Universal Charging Po | random delivery

IP036 genuine mobile power | Nokia htc Samsung | iPhone mobile phone Universal Charging Po | random delivery

Product description:

Ipho-power wing platinum IP036 large capacity 5600 milliamperes digital mobile power

Product description:

In 1; a single USB interface; can provide iPad or any mobile phone charging;

2, compatible with the apple iPhone, iPod etc. all universal mobile phone interface using MicroUSB charging port equipment;

3, built-in 5600mAh imported lithium batteries; intelligent power off; safe and reliable

In 4; the appearance of the use of mirror polishing technique of piano baking varnish craft; fashion wear; scratch; break resistant; fire:

Built in 5, led 300 hours against the wolf light illumination;

Power switch:

Indicating lamp is not bright, connected by 2 power switches

Turn the flashlight, and even by 2 closed flashlight

The LED indicator light


Output port: DC5V-1.5A

Input: DC5V-0.8A

The use of the product

Note: the first check whether the product is charging device and voltage compatible

1 choose the correct charging line for your equipment.

2 the charging line at one end and is connected to one end of the product

3 products for you to choose the correct charging plug, you can also directly will be compatible with the charged equipment port at one end and a charging line of your product.

4 will be charged at the opposite end of the line and the charging plug is connected, and is connected to the charging equipment

Products for charging:

Note: please ensure that the product is used for the first time charging time for more than 8 hours

1 and the other end is connected with power supply socket adapter.

The adapter is inserted into the 2 input port

3 indicator lights indicate the product is being charged, charging at the end of four indicator lights Chang Liang

Indicator shows the need to pay attention to the following points

1 four lights located on the front fuselage; mobile power supply display size; when the 4 lights on at the same time as 100% power; when the three lights of 75% n; when two lights at 50% n; when a lamp is lit up at 25% n

2 indicator lights for charging and discharging state display

3 when the mobile power supply power is low, the indicator light flashes for 5 minutes after the time. For mobile power surplus electricity, please press the power switch


Output voltage: 5V / 1.5A

Size: 97 x 44 x 24.5mm

Weight 120g

Input voltage: 5V / 800mA

Capacity: 5600MAH

Standard: * 1 + IP036 mobile power charging line * 1 + warranty card * 1 + manual * 1

Item specifics

Sale: seven days package returned, one-year warranty
Whether New: New
Color: black white green
Material: Piano paint

ipho-power wing platinum IP036 5600 mA high capacity digital mobile power

product description:
1; Single Output USB interface; can for the iPad or any mobile phone charger;
2; compatible with Apple iPhone; iPod and all other general mobile phone interface with MicroUSB charging port of the device;
3; built-in 5600mAh lithium batteries imported; smart power; safe
4; appearance with mirror polished piano paint technology; fashion; scratch-resistant; anti-fall; Fire:
5, built-in anti-wolf led 300 小时 glare lighting;


When the LED is not lit, double-click the secondary power supply switch

Open the flashlight, and then double-click twice to close the flashlight

led lights


Output: DC5V-1.5A

Input Interface: DC5V-0.8A

Use of the product

NOTE: First check whether the device to be charged and the product voltage compatible

1. Select the correct charging cable for your device charged.

2. Connect one end of the charging cord and products

3. Choose the right product for your charging plug, you can be charged directly to a compatible device port and a charging cord connected to your product

4. Connect the other end of the charging plug and charging cable, and then connect the device to be charged

Charging for the product:

Note: The first use to ensure the product charging time is more than eight hours

1. Connect the other end of the adapter and a power outlet.

2. The end of the adapter into the product input port

3. A flashing light means the product is being charged, the charging indicator light when finished four

Indicator should pay attention to the following points

1. The four indicators are located on the front fuselage, display mobile power battery size, when four lights lit simultaneously for the 100% power, when the three lights at 75% capacity, when 二颗 lights is 50% of the electricity, When a light is on at 25% power

2. Indicator for charge and discharge status display

3. When the mobile power is running low, it blinks five minutes after exterminate. To view the remaining battery mobile power, press the power switch


Output voltage: 5V / 1.5A

Size: 97 * 44 * 24.5mm

Weight 120g

Input voltage: 5V / 800mA

Capacity: 5600MAH

Standard: IP036 mobile power charging cable * * 1 + 1 + 1 + manual warranty card * 1 *