Deluxe Handheld Battery Tester

Deluxe Handheld Battery Tester

Product description:

SpecificationsSuitable for:

  • AA/ AAA/ C/ D batteries
  • 1.5V batteries (HP16/ MN2400/ R03/ HP7/ MN1500/ UM3C/ HP11/ MN1400/ SP11/ LR14/ UM2D/ HP2/ MN1300/ SP2/ R20/ UM1)
  • Watch batteries (1.5V button cells)
  • 9V batteries (PP3/ MN1604/6F22/006P)

Product Notes

  • If the digits did not show, check that battery is touching both contacts, otherwise the battery is completely dead.
  • Checks battery power level
  • Adjustable sliding arm for different size of batteries