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3V CR123A rechargeable lithium battery 4

3V CR123A rechargeable lithium battery 4
  • 3V CR123A rechargeable lithium battery 4
Product code: 17532200001
Unit price: 48 CNY  (6.99 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Other info: 6KG
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Item specifics

Brand: Unbranded/ Generic
Chemical Composition: Lithium
Quantity: 4
Type: CR123A


  • Lithium 16340 / ICR123A cylindrical rechargeable batteries
  • Higher energy density and lower weight than other types rechargeable batteries
  • Building portable power device needing high energy density and low weight
  • Capacity: 800mAh
  • Voltage: 3.0V
  • Dimensions: 17 x 33 mm / 0.7 x 1.3in (Dia. X H)


  • Sometimes called a storage battery, a rechargeable battery consists of multiple cells. This enables the electrochemical reaction that powers the battery to be reversed. Using a charger, these batteries can be recharged many times. Rechargeable batteries are used in automobiles, consumer electronics, storage for solar arrays and electrical vehicles.
  • Types
  • The most common types of rechargeable batteries are lead-acid, nickel cadmium, alkaline, nickel metal hydride and lithium ion. Lithium ion batteries are considered the most advanced rechargeable battery type and are used in most contemporary consumer electronics.
  • Size
  • Rechargeable batteries come in many shapes and sizes from automobile lead-acid type batteries to laptop and small digital camera batteries. The size is determined by the type of technology used and the design of the device in which the battery will be placed.
  • Features
  • The main feature of a rechargeable battery is self-evident-it can be charged multiple times. Secondary features that differ depending on the type of battery include:
  • Self-Discharge: This effect occurs within the battery cells causing the battery to lose power over time even when not in use.
  • Memory Effect: An effect mostly witnessed in Nickel Cadmium batteries, the battery seems to lose its maximum energy capacity if charged multiple times without being fully discharged.
  • Energy-to-Mass Ratio: This refers to the energy density of the battery.
  • Currently, Lithium ion batteries are the best performing rechargeable batteries if considering the above features.
  • Considerations
  • Many people avoid rechargeable batteries when given a choice because of a perceived higher cost. When you consider that rechargeable batteries can be reused multiple times, the savings of using them as opposed to one use batteries becomes clear

Package Included:

  • 4 x UltraFire Battery