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IP061 5600 毫安 mobile power | Dual USB Output | Apple | Samsung HTC iPhone4 / 4s battery

IP061 5600 毫安 mobile power | Dual USB Output | Apple | Samsung HTC iPhone4 / 4s battery
  • IP061 5600 毫安 mobile power | Dual USB Output | Apple | Samsung HTC iPhone4 / 4s battery
Product code: 17530800001
Unit price: 176 CNY  (25.57 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Other info: 24KG
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Wing platinum IP061 5600mAh digital mobile power

1 fashion cute; palm size; convenient carrying; shell material with white paint mainly piano

2.5600 dual USB interface, can provide iPad or any two mobile phone sync charging; free collocation, as you choose

3 with three charging interfaces; phone4; iphone4s; HTC; Motorola; Nokia; Samsung; Sony; LG; brands such as intelligent mobile phone are compatible charging

The 4 charging while technology; synchronous data transmission; overcharge; overdischarge; temperature; short circuit and other circuit protection; safety design

5 the operation is simple and convenient; blue liquid crystal display touch switch to view the remaining power; hidden anti wolf light LED lighting; light by two; opening and closing

High-grade white piano paint material; texture smooth and delicate; fireproof; wear-resistant; non-slip; anti-throw antifouling

Power 4 speed blue LCD power indicator light, convenient view

Side plating using the drawing technology, delicate texture textured

Abaxial surface white piano paint material, besides 4 radiating tripod

Double USB interface can be synchronized to charge and discharge

The LED indicator light switch; light by 2; opening and closing

Hidden type anti wolf light 300 hours LED lighting, and mobile power charging Mike joint

Product parameter:

Model No .: IP061

Size: 76.5 x 59.8 x 23.5

Weight: 128G

Output voltage: 5V

Output current: 2.1A / 1.0A

Input voltage: 5V / 1A

Capacity: 5600MAH

Input: DC5V-1A

Output terminal of USB: DC5V-2.1A (max)

Output terminal of USB: DC5V-1.0 (max)


Mobile phone charging: can simultaneously provide two mobile phone charging, for electrical equipment current exceeds 2.1A, only 1 USB output power supply, such as electrical equipment not exceeding 2.1A, two port can be simultaneously powered (live: two electrical equipment common current should not exceed 2.1A)

Standard: Wing platinum IP061 * 1 + charging line * 1 + warranty card * 1 + manual * 1

Item specifics

Whether New: New
color: white
Material: Piano paint
Size: 76 * 60 * 23mm
Sale: seven days package returned, one-year warranty

Wings Platinum IP061 5600mah digital mobile power

1. Fashion cute, palm-sized, easy to carry, shell material mainly white piano paint

2.5600 mA Dual USB output interface, can simultaneously charge the iPad or any two mobile phones; free with your option

3. packed three charging port, phone4, iphone4s, HTC, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony, LG, and other brands of smart phones are compatible charging

4. put through charging technology, synchronous data transfer; overcharge, over discharge, a variety of circuit protection temperature, short circuit, multiple safety design

5. Easy to operate, blue LCD tap the switch can check the remaining battery, hidden anti-wolf light led lighting, double-tap to open closed

High-grade white piano paint materials; feel smooth and delicate; fire; wear; anti-skid; anti-drop stain

Power 4 files blue LCD power indicator for easy viewing

Side brushed using electroplating technology, materials and delicate texture

On the back of a white piano paint materials, packed four cooling stand

Dual USB ports can simultaneously charge and discharge

LED indicator light switch, tap 2 next open and close

Hidden anti-wolf glare 300 hours LED lighting, and mobile power charging Mike connector

Product parameters:

Model: IP061

Size: 76.5 * 59.8 * 23.5

Weight: 128g

Output voltage: 5V

Output Current: 2.1A / 1.0A

Input voltage: 5V / 1A

Capacity: 5600MAH

Input: DC5V-1A

USB output terminal: DC5V-2.1A (max)

USB output terminal: DC5V-1.0 (max)


When mobile phone charging: can charge two mobile phones offer, For power equipment when the current exceeds 2.1A, only a USB output port can supply, when For electrical equipment does not exceed 2.1A, two ports can simultaneously supply (live: two common electrical equipment required current can not exceed 2.1A)

Standard: Wings Platinum IP061 * 1 + charging cable * 1 + 1 + manual warranty card * 1 *