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Yi yan Tang stealth transparent GEL heel grips silicone insole heel wear are not left high heel half yard

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Product parameters :

  • Time to market: 2014 spring
  • Brand : Yi Yan Tang
  • Product Number : C0702
  • Color Category : double convex silicone transparent silicone widened thicker section after section of thicker thread D T- shaped transparent transparent transparent silicone cloth attached widened section D T- shaped corrugated section zebra - transparent corrugated section - pink corrugated section - blue ripples models - black corrugated section - section of the T -shaped pink leopard dot D D T- shaped black white dots D T- shaped beige fabric - fabric paragraph pink color dot - white color point cloth paragraph surface - black color dot fabric section - black money white dots fabric - fabric paragraph purple white dots - Red white Point section fabric - yellow leopard fabric models - purple leopard models fabric - pink leopard fabric section - small floral section