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HD USB3.0 to VGA graphics card 2048 * 1152 USB TO VGA Converter External

HD USB3.0 to VGA graphics card 2048 * 1152 USB TO VGA Converter External
  • HD USB3.0 to VGA graphics card 2048 * 1152 USB TO VGA Converter External
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USB3.0 to VGA Video Graphic Extend Mirror Multi-Display Adapter 2048x1152 Win7


The USB 3.0-VGA display adapter enables you to connect additional display devices to your desktop or notebook PC. The connected display can act as mirrored or extended desktop of the main display on your PC.

The flexibility of the common USB 3.0 technology saves the need to open the computer or struggling with compatibility issues related to the VGA card.

It operates at a high resolution of 2048 x 1152

Support Function:

1. Primary

2. Extended

3. Mirror

4. Display rotation

5. Identify Monitor

6. Multi-Display

Input: USB3.0

Output: VGA

Resolution up to:

-UXGA: 1600 x1200

-WSXGA +: 1680 x 1050/1920 x 1080/2048 x 1152

Simple to install and use

Mirror or extend a computer display workspace

Enjoy resolutions:

-2048 x 1152

-1920 x 1080

-1600 X 1200 1680 x 1050

-1440 X 900 1400 x 1050

-1360 x 768

-1280 X 1024 1280 x 960 1280 x 800 1280 x 720 1280 x 768

-1152 x 864

-1024 x 768

-800 x 600

Allows for effortless multitasking

Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Win7

System requirements:

-Available USB3.0 / 2.0 Hi-speed port

-Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7

-CPU: Intel / AMD single Core 1.5GHZ or Higher processor

-RAM: 512MB memory or higher

Size: 75 x 40 x 20 mm / 2.925 x 1.56 x 0.78 inch

Color: White with blue

Cable length: about 45cm

Package Included:

1XUSB Display Adapter

USB3.0 to VGA graphics card 2048 * 1152 new upgrade
Are find you now spend a considerable amount of time in switching between different windows and clip than different picture it? To enhance the work except through effective multi-core computers run faster so that, in fact, you can also connect a second computer screen or third screen, allowing you to work energy doubled. USB3.0 to VGA connector allows the computer to easily increase the workspace display device to extend the desktop using the USB3.0 external graphics card with a simple user interface, you can Switching four display modes (extension / sync / main and sub screen switching / rotation), a computer can connect up to six external displays, so that you easily become a multi-screen of people, can support 2048 * 1152.

You can rotate the display screen to the left, right, or upside down. Use USB3.0 to VGA simple and fast connection.

Installation is simple, small and flexible desktop or notebook computer to quickly add six display windows, without the need for additional graphics card, mirror or extend your computer display work area ..

Enjoy the large resolution or widescreen programs: maximum support 2048 * 11521920 * 1080

USB2.0 / 3.0 super low-power technology, lossless compression technology to support WINDOWS VISTA AERO, supports WINDOWS XP and VISTA and windows 7 operating system.

Supports six displays, calm face multi-window tasking (not switched back and forth between windows) does not require additional power supply


It can be used for industrial or commercial applications: such as projectors, POS systems.

(Home or office) opened with a dual monitor beyond a large screen EXCEL table, to improve the efficiency of multi-tasking, without overlapping windows; when you read the Email, open the attachment content in another window.

(Mobile family) when you need to display more time, do not back up a computer.

(Graphic work) with a second window as a tool

(Data entry) see another screen data to input data

(Financial stocks) when using the notebook can be multiple displays; at the same time observe the real-time dynamic data; avoid missed opportunities (while onions stars, while watching the information??)

(Recreational use) a job, play online RMVB movie with another screen