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New Display Port Male to DVI Female Converter Adapter

*** Description ***

This Display Port Male to DVI Female Adapter has the ability to transfer high-definition digital audio and video to the display in packet data format- allowing selective screen area updates and provides power saving features required for notebook applications.

Display port is the newest digital display interface standard introduced by VESA.

The format supports both digital video and audio. Use this adapter to converter your display port equipment devices to DVI connector.

Connect laptops or other devices with the 20-pin DisplayPort connector to DVI monitors by using this Converter.

It is convenient to swap between HD video formats.

Capable of transferring QXGA (2048 x 1536) or greater resolution


- Display Port v1.1 Compliant

-Enable High quality optional digital audio transmissions

-Embedded Clock architecture to reduce EMI susceptibility

-Support Greater then QXGA (2048 x 1536) resolution at 24 bit color depths

-Support Hot-plug and un-plug detection as well as link status - failure detection

-Support Existing VESA and consumer electronics association (CEA) standards

-Support Reduced bandwidth transmission via direct drive over a 15 meter cable

-Support A minimum of 1080P resolution at 24bpp, 50/60 Hz at 15 meters

-Support Conversion from DisplayPort signal to DVI signal

-Support Display port connector 20 pin

-Support 8 bit & 10 bit deep color

-Support The video bandwidth up to 10.8Gpbs

-Support The 1Mbps bidirectional auxiliary channel

-Support The one lane; one direction; 4-line connection

-Color: Black.

-Qualified With CE, FCC test

Usage: Displayport signal your computer into the popular DVI-D digital signal all generic products with displayport device.

Product Features:
• Support DisplayPort v1.1;
• Support DisplayPort signal to DVI signal converter;
• Supports 20pin the DisplayPort interface;
• Supports up to 10.8Gbps video bandwidth;
• supports up to QXGA (2560 * 1600
) Resolution output;
• Supports 1Mbps bidirectional auxiliary channel;
• Unidirectional; single channel; four-wire connection;
• hot swappable.
• Built-in converter chip, no external power supply
• strict accordance with the DisplayPort standard design; port using interlocks; stable and reliable signal transmission