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Combo Card Reader

Combo Card Reader
  • Combo Card Reader
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2 in1 CF Card Reader USB Camera Connection Kit for Apple iPad iPad 2 White

Import photos to ipad attaching digital camera or USB flash disk.
Using your camera USB cable or directly from an CF card.
iPad and the camera connection kit support standard photo formats, including JPEG and RAW.
It supports external keyboard input when connect normal USB keyboard to ipad.
Port 1: for USB flash drives, transmits photos or other files into iPad and iPad2
Port 2: for import the photos from CF I / CF II card to iPad
Support high speed large capacity CF card
The CF cards must be FAT32 format and the photo save at DCIM folder
Portable; Stylish; perfect accessory for Apple products

Package includes:
1 x 2in1 USB CF Card Reader Kit for iPad

Combo Card Reader

Please note the following when you use a card reader:

1. Note that if the reader into place when inserted into the card reader, suggesting 'accessories are not supported' or does not respond, the general reader plug is not plugged in position to cause, sometimes blocking the reader IPAD holster due.

2. Under the photo files must be saved in the SD card or U disk 'DCIM' directory, this directory is the standard directory format camera, the other directory files, IPAD can not directly read out.

3. When using USB switch is switched to the side of USB, SD mode when using the appropriate switch to switch to the SD location.

4. This reader, regardless of whether the jailbreak ipad, can be used, you can use third-party software ifile jail before using the card reader ifile Please ensure smooth read the photo, if being read, but ifile USB or SD device can not open, this is ifile setting and the reason is not installed. Please re-check ifile related settings.

Product advantages:

1. The use of USB accessories can directly import photos from a digital camera, very convenient and quick. Use accessories can read SD card photo and video files.

2. You can use an external USB accessories U disk

3. The external mobile hard disk

4. Use USB accessories within iphone iPhone will be connected after photos are automatically imported into the ipad, iphone camera then you get use

The photo will be immediately displayed on the ipad.

5. Use the USB accessory is connected ipod, can not automatically import photos, but you can find files ifile VAR mnt folder in the ipod in


6. The use of USB accessories can connect USB HUB, but the need for an external power supply.

7. After a friend mentioned that you can connect the camera while taking pictures while importing photos, the test is not, because it will enter the camera connection

USB connection mode, you can not activate the camera function.

8. Wired keyboard plugged KIT, even the keyboard can be used, and can type in any place you need to enter.

9. Test connection successful reader, now not only can read SD card !!

10. Connect the USB fan successful, refreshing summer.

IPAD use u Disk method:

1 ipad crack (not crack not tried)
2 Install ifile
3 have camera interface kit


1 u disk connected via suit ipad; ipad will be prompted to usb device is not supported; do not bother; you can point dismiss

2 Open ifile; catalog Skip to / mnt; mount1 can be found more than a directory; the directory is u disk; click on the directory; you can see

See all the files on the disk u so u can copy the file on the disk to any directory of ipad

There are word documents file.doc ruffle copied to ipad u disk, browse with pages

1) u disk connected, then ifile to under / mnt / mount1 directory to copy files file.doc

2) Go to the directory / var / mobile / Applications directory; usually ipad software are installed to the directory; this directory is inside ipad conversion

Too, are some string, click on any directory go through *******. App subdirectory of the directory can know which software

, My ipad corresponding directory of pages software is 4763052A .....

3) Copy the file to a subdirectory below the directory Documents

Thus, start pages, in my file inside can see file.doc files

Other software are similar, just copy the files to the corresponding directory below the documents directory on ok
In turn operation, you can copy files to the u disk.