2.5 -inch hard disk pack

2.5 -inch hard disk pack

Product description:

2.5 Hard Drive Zipper 2.5 Inch Shockproof Case Pouch Bag Cover

Zipper closure disign, eays to use.
Carry small accesories (USB cable) in the built-in pocket inside the pouch.
It absorbs pressure and protects your HDD against dust Finger prints and scratches
Surface is very smooth, touch is very comfortable
Compatible with Laptop: All 2.5 Hard Drive Disk.

Zipper design, easy to use;
You can carry small accessories (USB cable) to the built-in pocket bags ;
It absorbs pressure and protect your hard disk is dust, fingerprints and scratches injury;
The surface is very smooth, very comfortable to the touch ;
Compatible with all 2.5 -inch hard disk has a laptop.