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Rechargeable electric shaver | Rotary 2 head

Rechargeable electric shaver | Rotary 2 head
  • Rechargeable electric shaver | Rotary 2 head
Product code: 17473200001
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Other info: 16KG
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Condition: Brand new

Size: 9.8cm X 4.3cm X 13cm

Weight: 0.16 Kg

Material: Plastic + electronic components

Colour: as picture

SKU: 901959-A15-03-08

Notice:. Color of pictures may varies by different monitor setting All pictures are real stock photos.

(Property description)
1. This rotary electric shaver that allows you to clean faster, easier and more effective. Head according rugged facial contours, and close to the face, so you have more veneer shaving more comfortable feeling Precision machining of net shave more thoroughly. more comfortable.
2, automatic grinding blade knife net. Shaver at work, hard alloy blades and titanium steel mesh grille constantly grinding, we can keep the blade sharp.
3, this section for the first time, please charge 8 hours in use, half time interval if you do not use, be sure to charge 8 hours before use, to ensure no loss rechargeable battery power to maintain battery capacity, so before before ting long razor life.
4. This shaver battery (1.2V) recharged 500 times, the capacity remains unchanged.
5, This razor is a high-speed silver palladium motor, long life, noise at the end, force, vibration light.
Razors Tips

1, the head should be thoroughly cleaned once every four weeks, after removing the omentum frame, 5 cm away from the grid at a special spray cleaner, later you can use a small brush to remove the head in the stubble and dirty.

2, the tip with a small brush to clean, cut a small brush to clean the omentum suddenly to avoid injury.

3, the first time after shaving to remove the omentum frame, re-placement in tapping a few plane.

4, after each use omentum head cover protective cover to prevent retinal damage.

5, in order to ensure a high level of electric shavers effect, especially recommend you the best tips and foil every two years to replace the entire group.

6, in order to maintain the machine battery life, about every six months in normal use razor completely exhausted battery, and then recharge the battery.

7, due to face the rear section will expand slightly, so it's best to wash your face before shaving the morning after the wash before shaving is the ideal opportunity.

8, the use of omentum shaver, keep razors and face perpendicular to the direction of 90-degree angle to hold electric shavers.

9, because the beard is growing down, reverse scraping stubble stand to make, easy to scrape, so when shaving to scrape up by the reverse.

10, when the hand-shaved skin taut, not vigorously push heads, just gently glide Hu District will be able to shave stubble clean.

(Precautions) :

Never exceed the rated voltage of 240V charging area, otherwise malfunction will occur.
Do not charge more than 24 hours in a row, also at a temperature of not less than 0 ℃ or charge for more than 40 ℃, otherwise it will shorten battery life.
Never rinse the body, into the bathroom and do not use, or failure may occur.
When the body portion dirt dirt, use a soft cloth dampened with a neutral detergent wipe. Do not use alcohol, petrol smear.
When the product occurs during charging or use, abnormal conditions (such as odor; temperature; sound abnormal) should immediately cut off the power, and stop using it.

Proper use and maintenance of electric shavers, shaving not only to achieve satisfactory results, but also to extend the service life of the electric shaver. Should pay attention to the following aspects.
1, attention should be attached to the power supply or battery charger polarity to prevent motor reverse, thereby damaging the fixed blade and the movable blade.
2, shaving should be given slowly push the blade against the face, to move against the direction of beard growth, smooth beard into the net to make the hole. If you move down the beard, the beard is overwhelming, it is not conducive to the beard into the net hole.
3, electric shavers should not shave beard, so shave once every four days or so as well. If the beard is very long, it should first use clippers or small scissors cut the beard, then shave electric razor. If no clippers or small scissors, several points should be used to shave method, the first fixed blade (guards) and perpendicular to the direction of beard touches the skin, the beard shaved shorter, then the method 2 is.
4, with an electric shaver clipper when used, should trimmer blade and the angle perpendicular face goes to the beard cut off.
5. Once the stop rolling phenomenon, should turn off the power when shaving restart until the motor continues to rotate properly after shaving.
6, fixed-blade electric razor thin, so that it can not be forced to pressure deformed or damaged.
7, battery type electric shaver after use or long dormant batteries should be removed to avoid battery leakage damp, resulting in unnecessary corrosion damage. AC type electric shavers, should cut off the power supply after use, pull the plug, in order to ensure safety. Rechargeable electric shaver can not discharge too much power, if there is insufficient battery should be charged before the first use, if long dormant, also should be regularly charged (about three months).
8, to regularly give a small amount of lubricating oil bearing parts to reduce wear. Non-wet electric shaver, not water or alcohol and other volatile chemicals to clean. Non-stainless steel blade, if not long-term, should be rubbed edge thin oil to prevent rust damage to the blade.
9, razor after each use, apply a small brush the hair and other contaminants must be swept away, may not allow dirt accumulation, otherwise there will be motor stuck or blocked transmission phenomenon is also required to cuttings and oily skin once wisely After curing, it will affect the sharpness of the blade.
Many people used to put on some scraped off the beard shaving perfume, in fact, this soothing scent from a medical perspective is not necessary. But the water must be something that can make skin look more radiant shave, but require Note, do not use aftershave containing alcohol, otherwise they will feel hurt

Condition: New

Size: 9.8 cm X 4.3 X 13 厘米 厘米

Weight: 0.16 kg

Material: Plastic + Electronic Components

Color: As pictures

SKU: 901959-A15-03-08

Note: Due to different monitor settings may result in color, but all the pictures are from in-kind shooting, please rest assured purchase.