FFX'S Genuine Rainbow Projector

FFX'S Genuine Rainbow Projector

Product description:

Condition: Brand new

Size: 15cm X 10cm X 7cm

Weight: 0.32 Kg

Material: ABS + electronic components

Colour: White

SKU: 901959-A07-26-07

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It has three modes to choose from, variation (change, different time different color)

slow (less change), and to vivid for (bright, bright ribbon),

You can also set the time and the rotation of the reflective film below to adjust the different shape of the rainbow.

The principle is very simple, and the lid above the projection light projected onto the curved reflective film and then reflected into the environment.

Rainbow after the rain gives a relaxed and happy, a comfort, a beautiful.

But very few people are willing to accept for transient beauty of the baptism of wind and rain.

NA me some beautiful heaven only will this go back.

It has three kinds of modes to choose from, variation (change in different times have different colors),

slow (less change), and vivid (bright colorful ribbon display).

You can also set the time and rotate the following reflection sheet to adjust various rainbow shapes.

Principle should be very simple, the lid above projection lamp projection onto curved reflector sheet and then reflected into the environment.

Condition: New

Dimensions: 15 cm X 10 X 7 厘米 厘米

Weight: 0.32 kg

Material: ABS + Electronic Components

color: white

SKU: 901959-A07-26-07

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