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Cool ice towel | Blue

Cool ice towel | Blue
  • Cool ice towel | Blue
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The first use; please take dip in cold water; gently rub the intermediate cooling crystal seven to eight minutes; the product will naturally expand

The removed with a dry towel dry surface; will be worn on the neck; the head cold belt; wrist

Cold strip can be repeatedly used.

The use of 48 hours after, with the restoration of the initial use of cold state, can dry storage, also can continue to use. Use again just soaked in water for a minute

Condition: Brand new

Size: 95cm X 4cm X 0.1cm

Weight: 0.03 Kg

Material: ice cloth

Colour: Blue

SKU: 901959-B07-18-04

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Icy ice belt (universal cold zone) turned out - super cool ice cap replacement ...... summer heat, wearing a hat hot!
Universal ice belt to solve your troubles .- want a cool ice cap may not like the style.
How do you want to wear the hat still wearing what hat to wear as long as the universal band, all the problems are easy to handle, to wear to wear.

• As we all know, cool ice cap is actually an ordinary hat plus inside a cooling ice strips, because the country is not the same popular style, leading people interested in a variety of different hats, and now this universal cold zone with the public different, can be worn on the head, because he split with hat, top and bottom, elastic can be adjusted, whether it is an ordinary hat, sunglasses, hats, motorcycle safety helmet, police cap, can be arbitrary wear.

• For consumers: can not be purchased directly hat (hat original home can also be used), or you can choose from a variety of popular hat in on their own on the market, and use our cold strip after you can feel very fresh and cool, happy.

• cold refrigeration with the use of imported materials, not only to cool hot weather, refreshing, but also skin care purpose function.

• cold with a life of up to three years, can be used repeatedly, cooling effect is obvious, and easy to use, non-toxic, no side effects on the body. In foreign countries has become a kind of work and study, outing travel, heat-prevention and leisure health popular accessories.


• work and study: refreshing, eliminate fatigue

• Excursions Travel: sunstroke, skin care eye protection

• Physical Fitness: cool absorbent, easy to cool

• Fever heat stroke: rapid cooling, refreshing analgesic

• Lack of sleep: to eliminate bags under the eyes, remove dark circles

(Instruction manual)

• first use; please bring cold water immersion; and knead by hand in the middle of the cooling crystal seven to eight minutes; the goods will naturally swell

• Remove with a dry towel drying surface; the cold belt worn at the neck; head; wrist

• cold zone can be used repeatedly

• After 48 hours, cold band will return to the initial use, to dry storage, you can continue to use. Again -Use only Soaked in water for one minute

Condition: New

Dimensions: 95 cm X 4 厘米 X 0.1 厘米

Weight: 0.03 kg

Material: Ice cloth

color: blue

SKU: 901959-B07-18-04

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