2 15 PIN SVGA VGA female - female | Adaptors

2 15 PIN SVGA VGA female - female | Adaptors

Product description:

15 Pin SVGA VGA Female to Female Gender Changer Adapter

1. High Quality Super VGA Monitor gender changer.
2. This item takes a Male end (pins) and turns it into a female end (holes).
3. Can be used with Monitors, HDTV's, Projectors, VGA Splitters, KVM and much more.
4. We've used this even with 100ft cables with no ill effect on signal quality.
5. Mini HD15 pin Female to Female.

Package includes:
1 * 15 Pin SVGA VGA Female-Female Gender Changer Adapter

15-pin SVGA VGA Female to female converter adapter

Features :
1. High -quality Super VGA monitor converter.

2. The project requires a public terminal (pin ) becomes female end ( holes ) .

3. Can be used for displays, high-definition TVs, projectors, VGA Splitter, KVM and much more .

4. We have used this cable, even if there is 100 feet did not affect the signal quality.

5. Mini HD15 ( aka HPDB) 15 -pin female-female .

Package Includes:
1 * 15-pin SVGA VGA female-female converter