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New | Car Steering Wheel Bluetooth Handsfree

New | Car Steering Wheel Bluetooth Handsfree
  • New | Car Steering Wheel Bluetooth Handsfree
Product code: 17450600001
Unit price: 450 CNY  (65.41 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Other info: 18KG
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1. Support TF card and earphone, support MP3 file format
2. Adopt CSR stereo bluetooth technology, answer the phone for free charge, come back to the play music function when finishing calling. Adopt echo cancelling technology, strong interference abbil`i-`` to assure good calling effect.
3. LCD displys incoming phone number, sequence, frequncy, time, state, etc.
4. Automatically download phonebook from mobile phone, really realize finding phone number and calling easily.
5. Support multi-language: Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish, Vietnamese, Thai, Russian. Menu and phone book can all display 10 countries languages.
6. Adopt FM stereo transmitter, TTS function broadcast caller's number.
7. With particular bluetooth secret earphone (when it is not convenient for the person beside driver to hear the call) .Earphone can also be used for listening to music;
8. Support A2DP (stereo bluetooth) ,can play MP3 music from mobile phone and the device with stereo function such us: Ipod, the notebook music.
9. The bluetooth can be connected with your mobile phone when you come back to your car
10, The earphone to be with 5 receiving frequency, for more widely use. It still can be used normally in case of earphone losing.
11. Full frequency (87.5-108.0MHz) support, with 206 frequency to be choose to assure best effect.
12. Built-in rechargeable Li-ion bettery and speaker, with save energy mode, to be used at both car and interior
13. Charge in computer through USB cable
14. With electric torch to be more considerable 15. DC12-24 applicable for all types of car.