Bluetooth | Bluetooth audio receiver 30pin connector | ipod speakers | Black

Bluetooth | Bluetooth audio receiver 30pin connector | ipod speakers | Black

Product description:

Wireless Audio Bluetooth Music Receiver Stereo Adapter For iphone ipod sound Dock

Through your iphone sound dock or other audio player using Bluetooth wireless technology enabled mobile device such as mobile phones; flat panel; notebook computers (not limited to, iphone, ipod.)
The use of mobile devices to directly control your music.
Connected devices no longer need to close the audio
Bluetooth connectivity with about 5meters effective range, almost in the home or office radio to listen to restrict.

Setting up a wireless music receiver:
1; wireless music receiver into the iphone dock audio; and open the base audio power
If you need to connect other audio, as follows:
1) Wireless music receiver into the switch to the wiring corresponds to the outlet end
2) Will be transferred to wiring the usb end into the usb charger or computer usb port, its power supply
3) Will be transferred to the terminal 3.5mm audio plug into other audio input, and open audio power

Pairing a Bluetooth music receiver:
1, Bluetooth settings: turn on the Bluetooth function of mobile devices
2, Search for bluetooth: using mobile devices Bluetooth search function, searching for a wireless music receiver ID
3; in the music receiver to request the pin code; enter (0000), which will allow mobile devices and wireless music receiver paired
4, paired, wireless music receiver will issue a beep.
5, now connected and can play music

Color: Black
Product weight: 15g
Size: 3.7 (L) * 3.7 (W) * 1 (H) cm

Package Includes:
1 x Wireless Bluetooth Music Receiver

Bluetooth Bluetooth audio receiver 30pin connector ipod speaker Black