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Bluetooth antenna black square

Bluetooth antenna black square
  • Bluetooth antenna black square
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Mini Bluetooth USB Dongle For Desktop; Laptop; PDA; up to 100m (330 feet) Wireless SUPER MINI Bluetooth USB Dongle is a high quality Bluetooth Dongle, which is compatible with ALL bluetooth devices, like Desktop, Laptops, Mobile Phones, PDA; Printers, etc. Bluetooth can make your connection go through walls and doors.
Bluetooth USB Dongle can get your mobile phone seamlessly connected
with your computer and you'll be-able to:

Freely upload photos from computer to camera phone to within 100 metres (max) away.
Use your mobile phone to transport files from computer to computer.
Download free ringtones, games, screensavers and wallpaper from the Internet and upload them to your mobile phone.
Connect wirelessly with up to lots of other bluetooth devices, i. e. laptops, keyboards, monitors, printers, mice, and any device that has Bluetooth function.
General Features:

  • Compliant with Bluetooth spec. V2.0
  • Compliant with USB spec. 2.0
  • 0dBm Class 1 output power
  • Sensitivity: Better than C80dBm
  • 10 meters (330 feet) Maximum working distance
  • Support 79 channels
  • Transmission rate: 723Kbps
  • OS supports Windows 98/98SE/ 2000/ ME/ XP and later Support point-to-point (Piconet) and point-to-multipoint connections
  • Mini size; really small; easy to carry; beautiful
  • Compatible with all bluetooth devices: Very user-friendly!
  • Desktop, Laptop, Mobil Phone, PDA, Pocket PC....
  • Before you buy, please make sure that your device has bluetooth. If it can, you only need to connect this dongle to your computer, your device will transmit and receive bluetooth automatically.

Postage included
1 x 100m Bluetooth USB Dongle Adapter 2.4G Antenna V2.0 EDR