Apple mini keyboard

Apple mini keyboard

Product description:

* Bluetooth remote control of your i-Pad; i-Phone 4; tablet PC (which supports Bluetooth) , smart mobile phone, etc. with distance about 10m.
* Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery.
* Using the industry-leading Bluetooth software solution.
* With ON/ OFF switch.
* Backlit keyboard for convenient operation in darkened room.
* Ergonomic design.
* Good touch feeling you can never imagine.
* Housing made of study durable materials.
* Portable size, light weight, easy to carry and handle.
* Easy connection, needs no drive for i-Phone 4 and i-Pad, need BTstack for i-Phone 3 connection.
* Enhanced tool for i-Phone 4, i-Pad, smart mobile phone, tablet PC, etc.

* Remote distance: 10m
* Standard: Bluetooth V2.0, HID V1.0
* Power: Built-in rechargeable battery, or a PC USB port.
* Connection: USB port
* Compatible with: Microsoft Windows Mobile OS, Nokia Symbian OS, Android, and all computer systems.
* Material: High quality durable plastics
* Color: White