Fu Mei Hua toilet partition manufacture

Fu Mei Hua toilet partition manufacture

Product description:

Shenzhen Fu Mei Hua Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. is located in Bantian Town, Longgang District, convenient transportation around .

The company's anti -fold special products, quality standards in accordance with international export operation, over the years, the products are exported overseas, product quality, many domestic and foreign customers.

Fu Mei Hua according to different requirements of customers, and constantly develop new products, now in product quality, plate colors and patterns, and other aspects of antimicrobial resistance to corrosion are leading in domestic counterparts.

Anti-fold special materials are environmentally friendly new materials, because of its good resistance to water and fire prevention properties, widely used in many occasions, I have advanced production technology and reliable quality assurance, to meet the different needs of different customers, intends to look contact us.