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Roots Blower

Roots Blower
  • Roots Blower
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Roots Blower

Bore: 50~500mm

Flow capacity: 0.5~420m3/ min

Pressure rise: 9.8kPa~98.8kPa

Vacuum: -49kPa

Roots blower, sometimes called a PositiveDisplacement, or PD blower, is a machine which pushes a relativelyconstant volume of the gas handled at the inlet through to the discharge. Itapplies to conditions requiring high vacuum or high pressure especially in thewaste water treatment plant.

The main purpose of the blower is toprovide constant flow of gas at different pressures. The blower consists of acast iron casing in which two rotors with conjugate shapes rotate and aresynchornised by a set of timing gears. During rotation, there is no contactbetween the lobes or between the lobes and the casing.

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