Shang Wenjie brokers | brokers He Xu Wenjie 13798105656

Shang Wenjie brokers | brokers He Xu Wenjie 13798105656

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Theater company Shang Wenjie Shang Wenjie Shang Wenjie agency brokerage firm signed endorsements Shang Wenjie Shang Wenjie Shang Wenjie brokerage firm broker He Xu 13,798,105,656


2013 participate (I Am a Singer) in February 22 (I'm a singer), the upper face out of the rankings after risk by virtue of a song Shang Wenjie (Princess) shock the audience, with unimaginable power, occupied the audience all the senses, gorgeous counterattack won the second place. Huang Qishan perfect interpretation of the (back) won the championship, while the strength of the ranking are two rearward sing Chen unfortunately been eliminated. [1]


Experian (Baileys) - the top spokesman for Greater China, the world's largest spirits company Diageo Women liqueur series

China Ping An One Account - Ping launched a financial platform account type services

Guy Laroche (GuyLaroche) - France's top fashion brands, endorsement sunglasses

DT East Field - East field modeling its brands, fashion Godfather Li Dongtian appointed the first endorser

Watson (Watsons) - Hutchison Whampoa Ltd.'s AS Watson Group's health and beauty brand, the first Chinese region spokesperson

Sundance Sundance- Hongguo cum Miramar (Nanjing) Co., the company's brand, sister brand has thousands of Baidu, Iraq with like.

year 2013

50 January 25, 2013; music pioneer 2012 annual awards ceremony; Shang Wenjie pioneer female singer won the best interior; won the top five most popular female singer pioneer; the best singer modeling three awards