Luo broker He Xu 13,798,105,656

Luo broker He Xu 13,798,105,656

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Representative: (your way) (Childhood) (Flowers of Shanghai) (Dreamer) (Red Dust) (tomorrow will be better) (Sonata 1980) (Sonata 1990) (Bellagio) (wife of Comrade) ( Queen's Road East) (story time) (Pearl of the Orient) (through your hair my hand) (super citizen) (酒干倘卖无) (似是故人来) (where life does not meet) (dwarf Song) (Going) (phenomenon seventy change) (future leaders) (train) (Nostalgia four rhyme) (Sonata 2000)

• 2010 年 1 月 9 日 main line Guilin concert

Location: Guilin Sports Centre

• 2010 年 1 月 1516 farewell concert date main line

Venue: Shanghai Grand Stage

• 2010 年 1 29, January 30 main line terminus concert

Location: Taipei Arena

• 2011 年 7 2 April, Luo gorgeous love song concert staged 2100 Beijing Capital Gymnasium in Beijing

• 2011 年 7 16, Luo 'Sonata 2100 Tour' staged in Sichuan Province Gymnasium