Chyi Yu brokers | Chyi brokers He Xu 13,798,105,656

Chyi Yu brokers | Chyi brokers He Xu 13,798,105,656

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Chyi Chyi theater company contracted agency brokerage firm Chyi Chyi Chyi endorsements brokerage company Chyi broker He Xu 13,798,105,656 website

Performing experience

year 2004

Release Buddha song album ' liking - and therefore more beautiful '; Confidence - found the courage '; Happy - so happy change '

In Sylvia Chang directed the film ' 203040 ' in cameo appearance

May 2229 May and Michelle Pan co-chaired a special guest Luo Taiwan tour Hsinchu, Taichung field

Held December 3 in Beijing Capital Gymnasium China concert will be the first field ' the Qi Huan '; the second concert held in China ' truth rings ' at the Shanghai Grand Stage on December 10; director Guo; special guest Chin

year 2006

Release ' Buddha's heart ' Buddha song album

year 2010

March 12 issue of the new soul album 'The Voice'

August 27 and Chin guest Hunan TV ' every day ' program

year 2011

August 5 guest Shenzhen Satellite TV ( the show 's ) mystery guest