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12inch Heater And Cooler Table Fan

12inch Heater And Cooler Table Fan
  • 12inch Heater And Cooler Table Fan
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Other info: 250KG White Grey Silver
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Bladeless fan ; newest design; new life; new bladeless fan

Feature and function

Bladeless fan is an air cooling machine adopts advanced technology and novel design. It has not only elegant appearance, simple shape, besides:

1*Bladeless, inoffensive air current, more comfortable and more healthy.
2*Safe, without high speed rotating blade; it will not hurt any part of our body. no need to worry about injuring children's fingers.
3*Easy to clean, no shield or blade, no need to dismantle or clean it.
4*Brushless electric engine.
5*Mixed flow impeller
6*Rotary air volume knob
7*90┬░Rotary airflow knob
8*Adjust wind direction by finger touch
9*Low center of gravity, more stable

1.) Bladeless electrical fan is also called hidden blade fan which can produce natural and persistent cool air. without blade, it won't be covered by dust or injure curious children's fingers. what's more , it has vagarious shape and novel appearance, giving incomparable visual effect.

2) The inspiration of this invention comes from air hand drier. the principle of air hand drier is to force the air to go through a small hole and dry the water of our hands. air amplifier make the air to go through a 1.0mm wide hole, and come out from the kerf of the ring shaped amplifier, the volume of the air comes out maybe 15 times of original, and its speed may reach 35km/ hr. the air flow produced by hidden blade fan is more stable than that of traditional fan. the air volume produced by it equals to the best normal fan in the market. for it has no blade to'cut'the air, the user won't feel periodical attack or wave shaped irritation. it makes you feel natural cool by persistent airflow.

3) Like most table fans, hidden blade fan may change the air direction in 90┬░. it may also change its depression and elevation angle. it is easy to operate and more humanistic. this product has novel and fashionable design. without blade, it meets smaller resistance and makes no pollution. it is more energyefficient, environment friendly, low carbon and more safe.