Garcinia cambogia extract

Garcinia cambogia extract

Product description:

Garcinia cambogia extract

(English or Latin names): Garcinia Camnogia Extract (HCA)

(Product Specifications): 50%

(Packing): 25kg / drum

(Product description): Garcinia cambogia originating in India, said that such fruit trees as Brindleberry, the scientific name is Garcinia Camnogia citrus fruit is very similar, also known as tamarind fruit.

(Chemical composition): hydroxycitric acid (HydroxyCitricacid) usually white or brownish microcrystalline or powdered.

(Uses): weight loss.


Sources Garcinia cambogia extract is a plant extract from such peel, refined extract the effective parts of HCA (HydroxyCitricacid; hydroxy citric acid), containing 10-30% similar to the citric acid (Citricacid).

HCA's principle role of the principle of action; glucose is converted to fat in the human body; wherein the enzyme inhibition of a ATPCitratelyase; fatty acids can not be synthesized; and suppression of glycolysis (glycolysis) role.

When food enters our body, namely carbohydrates break down into small molecules of glucose into the blood to blood sugar, and then sent to the body of the cell to metabolize energy. Glucose is utilized, if not immediately, then stored in the form of muscle glycogen (Glycogen), but If the stored glycogen is full, namely glucose through glycolysis and the citric acid cycle is converted to citric acid, and then the enzyme ATP-Citratelyase catalytic synthesis of fat.

HCA Garcinia cambogia extract containing citric acid analogue, can inhibit the enzyme ATP-Citratelyase competitive activity, thus preventing the body of excess sugar is converted to fat in the process, the study found that within 8-12 hours after a meal, HCA It can reduce 40-70% of fatty acid synthesis.

Note the use of the HCA is a natural extract, there is no report that it is toxic or side effects, but for weight loss, it should take into account the effect of its warm belongs together, but the use of this product, If not with diet and exercise, and rest assured that eating and drinking, weight loss effect is not effective. In addition, this HCA product to be effective on an empty stomach before meals half an hour ago, should pay special attention to the use.