Mulberry leaf extract, mulberry leaves, mulberry leaves

Mulberry leaf extract, mulberry leaves, mulberry leaves

Product description:

Mulberry leaf extract; mulberry leaf polysaccharide; mulberry leaves

Mulberry leaf extract DNJ1% 2% 20% 10% 20% polysaccharide flavonoids (mulberry leaf extract / Mulberry alkaloids deoxynojirimycin; English name 1-Deoxynojirimycin; abbreviated 1-DNJ) is a research institute of our company and the domestic A well-known research institute to develop a kind of hypoglycemic health products, pharmaceutical raw materials -α- glucosidase inhibitor.

Currently α- glucosidase inhibitors are mainly three kinds of global, namely: acarbose, voglibose and miglitol, I developed a potent a- glucosidase inhibitor. The product is absorbed better than acarbose; lowering fasting plasma glucose and postprandial blood glucose levels and hypoglycemia than sulfonylureas and the possibility of other side effects is much lower than other drugs; security is good; so can be used without changing diet The structure of the product, mainly through the disaccharide enzyme activity inhibition produced thus inhibiting intestinal absorption of disaccharides, lower peak value meal (food) after glucose; while promoting ß cells secrete insulin, and insulin can promote cells the use of sugar, glycogen synthesis and improve glucose metabolism, and ultimately achieve hypoglycemic effect.

This product is completely extracted and purified from natural plants, other than α- glucosidase inhibitor used in the current international current side effects. My company is willing to cooperate actively with industry friends, share the research results, for the benefit of mankind.