Damiana Extract | Damiana

Damiana Extract | Damiana

Product description:

Damiana Damiana extract
( English name ): Damiana extract

( Specifications) : 4: 1

( Characters ) : dark green powder

(Vegetable origin) : Mexico and in North America a unique green bush plant leaves .
(Active ingredient ): gonzalitosin (cyanogic glycoside) arbutin, damianin
( Introduction ): Damiana to stimulate male hormone, is known to improve sexual performance, natural and harmless chemical composition of Damiana is quite complex, and some ingredients do not completely identify known gonzalitosin (cyanogic glycoside) arbutin.. tannins and damianin ( brown bitter substance ) leaves also contain beta -sitosterol. these ingredients to increase the length and improve sexual performance has a very significant effect .
( Medicinal effect ) : increase virility, to help treat constipation eliminate anxiety, so happy, treat the symptoms of menstruation and menopause syndrome .