Maca Extract

Maca Extract

Product description:

Maca Extract

(English name): Maca P.E.

(Specifications) 10: 1 (Maca Maca ene amide + 0.6%)

(Detection) HPLC / TLC

(Product Characteristics) light brown yellow fine powder

(Pack) 1kg / bag; 25kg / barrel; or packaging according to customer demand

(Physicochemical properties) 99% soluble in water, soluble in organic solvents.

Pharmacological effects

Maca is not a medicine nor sex tonic, but a natural food. Botanists and international medical experts found that long-term research, Maca contains four alkaloids, glucosinolates, vitamins such as proteins, amino acids, polysaccharides, . minerals and a variety of natural plant active ingredients of these ingredients have been shown to correlate with Maca fatigue, depression, improve fertility, endocrine regulation concerning the recent research has found that it contains two unique botanical active ingredients - glucosinolates (Glucosinolates):.. Maca Maca ene amide and which is precisely the substance of these substances improve sexual function for subsequent researchers in the course of the study found Maca, breaking the male plants currently rely on supplements or estrogen to replace the world. their own lack of endocrine problems, allowing middle-aged male endocrine system to restore balance, so 'from the inside out, treating the symptoms', a new impetus for the mature male life. Maca for thousands of years has been widely consumed in the Andes residents important food and health products, has never produced record and report any adverse effects on the human body. in some people's eyes, Maca is certainly of medicine, it is not from the basic principle, Maca is not a tonic, nor of the drug. in effect, the efficacy of the drug mainly to improve sexual function, and the function of MACA is much broader than that of the drug, can help mankind prevention of aging-related problems. On the other hand, it is the lack of tonic Shiyao fill Shiyao, while Maca is to stimulate the various organs of the original function, so that the natural secretion of various hormones the body needs, and to promote the body absorb nutrients the body needs synthesized from the normal diet

For men

1, anti-fatigue; increase energy; stamina - Maca in amino acids, minerals zinc, taurine and other ingredients can significantly against fatigue.

2, improve sexual function; increase sperm count; increase sperm motility - the unique biologically active substances Maca-ene, Maca amide, conducive to erectile function, improve sperm count and active capacity.

3, regulate the endocrine system, balance hormones - Maca alkaloids role in the hypothalamus and pituitary, regulating adrenal gland, pancreas, testes and other functions, to balance hormone levels.

4; Bushen impotence; impotence and premature ejaculation; sexual dysfunction; the new generation of delay; pure plant extracts; magical medicinal plants - Maca (MACA) natural Viagra

For women

1, endocrine regulation, menopausal syndrome confrontation - a variety of alkaloids Maca can regulate the adrenal glands, pancreas, ovarian, and other functions, balance the body's hormone levels, rich in taurine, protein, etc. can recuperate and repair of physiological functions, improve gas blood and relieve menopausal symptoms.

2, enhance immune function, anti-fatigue, anti-anemia - Maca contains a high amount of iron, protein, amino acids, minerals such as zinc can help strong immune system, enhance the body's resistance to disease, fight fatigue, improve symptoms of anemia.

For people

A: men often feel tired / have erectile disorder, low libido person;

B: often lack of energy, feelings of depression are / work pressure and diet is not normal;

C: insufficient sperm motility weak Precision rare person / adult men suffering from benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Applicable symptoms (if you have the following symptoms, in respect of taking Maca is the time):

A: sexual dysfunction; decreased libido; energy; stamina; attention; memory loss; fatigue; decreased appetite; they

Constipation, increased frequency of nocturia and so on.

B: Inter-onset headache, palpitations, chest tightness, poor Hu suction, tinnitus, local numbness easy restlessness, irritability, paranoia, fear.

A sense of terror; loneliness; reduction of interest and other

Effect of the performance

A: 10-20 days: body tired and lack of energy phenomenon has significantly improved sleep quality improved fatigue.

B: 30-40 days: look better; improving memory; improved unresponsive and difficult to focus attention phenomenon; good back pain

Turn, the quality of life has improved significantly.

C: 40-60 days: restore luster to the skin, more energy, a positive attitude, to eliminate sleep disorders, significantly enhance the body's resistance to disease.

Higher quality of life, no longer feel tired after sex.

D: 60-120 days: consolidate the results of the second cycle, a comprehensive physical and mental conditioning physiological function due to fatigue-induced degradation and.

Emotional instability situation been fundamentally changed, the body of physiological indicators showed a 25-year-old like young and healthy state.

Warning: minors is prohibited to take this product, but do not use more than the recommended daily amount of the original.

Peru 鲁玛卡 benefits are: to promote normal functioning of the endocrine system, improve the body gonadal function, promote digestion, improve brain and nervous system function fundamentally also possible to increase endurance, and promote the secretion of testosterone, erectile tissue. reactivity, improve sperm and semen content.