Turmeric extract

Turmeric extract

Product description:

Turmeric extract

( English name ) Curcumin P.E

( Latin name ) Curcuma Longa

( Source extraction ) Zingiberaceae Turmeric (curcuma longa) underground root

( Active ingredient ) Curcumin

(Size ) 10: 1

(Appearance ) brown powder

( Function ) expelling gas line, pass through the pain. For blood shut qi stagnation, chest tingling, amenorrhea, abdominal pain, bruises, swelling, pain, rheumatic pain, usually used in a variety of food coloring and flavoring additives, with a wide range of biological activities such as anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation, anti-mutagenic, lipid-lowering and anti- atherosclerosis and anti-tumor

( Shelf ) 2 years

Cool ;; dry place ( storage ) in the dark
( Packaging ) 25Kg / drum