Licorice extract powder

Licorice extract powder

Product description:

Licorice extract powder

English name : Extracturm glycyrrhizae

Formula : C42H62O16

Weight: 823

CAS: 68916-91-6

Source: processed licorice extract, stewed, crushed raw licorice extract powder .

Product Character: brown powder with faint characteristic odor and lasting special sweetness.

Soluble in 70% ethanol

Main functions: in the pharmaceutical industry, often with cough and phlegm medicine application compatibility, can reduce the irritation of the throat, and can relieve stomach muscle spasm deoxycorticosterone like effect, with health care, detoxification, liver, inflammation flavoring and other effects.

Purposes: for food additives, the traditional antidote, widely used in pharmaceutical, food plants, plants, plant health products .

Content : ≥7% -8%

Dosage : 3% -5 %

Test Method: HPLC

Storage: : sealed, moisture-proof .

Packing: cardboard drum 25kg / drum or 1kg aluminum foil bag