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  • Lappaconitine
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English name : Lannaconitine

Drug Alias: Laba Wu first base or lappaconitine .

Molecular formula : C32H44N2O8

Molecular Weight: 584.64

Content: 98%

Appearance: white crystal .


Having a potent analgesic effect

Cooling elimination heat : fever of various significant antipyretic effect, antipyretic effect clinically proven superior to hydrogen aminopyrine, its cooling effect is equal to aspirin and other medicine .

Anti-inflammatory elimination heat : a result of a variety of inflammatory model of capillary permeability and exudation, swelling and other significant inhibition and enhanced the role of adrenal function at the same time, can be suppressed .

Fine vascular permeability, eliminate ear, toes, joints, leg swelling, inhibit the formation of buds swelling inside the ball .

Enhance immunity : to stimulate the reticuloendothelial cell proliferation; enhanced phagocytosis of mononuclear leukocytes and macrophages; thereby enhance immunity

Versatile : pain, headache, toothache, shoulder and arm pain, neck pain, back pain, stone pain, trauma pain, rheumatism, gastrointestinal ulcer pain, nerve pain, sciatica, inflammation caused by a variety of women's pain, postoperative pain .