Chlorogenic acid Chlorogenic Acid

Chlorogenic acid Chlorogenic Acid

Product description:

Chlorogenic acid Chlorogenic acid

Specifications : 10% 20 % 25% 30% 98%

Test Method: HPLC

CAS NO: 327-97-9

Plant sources : plants Eucommia Eucommia (Eucommia Ulmoides Oliver) leaf

Properties: Brown - white fine powder

Molecular formula and molecular weight : C16H18O9 = 354.30

Melting point 205-209 ° C Specific Rotation : -36 ° (c = 1, H2O)

ACTION: chlorogenic acid has an important raw material antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, choleretic drugs with similar action of adrenaline used in pharmaceuticals, health care products, cosmetics, raw materials, artificial materials injection, injection of water-soluble soluble in. .. water, ethanol and acetone, can be completely dissolved. very slightly soluble in ethyl acetate .