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ROCKBROS riding polarizing glasses myopia male and female models outdoor sports glasses anti-sandstorm bicycle equipment

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Product parameters:

  • Time to market: 2016 summer
  • Brand: ROCKBROS
  • Model: 1000
  • Are malls the same paragraph: Yes
  • Color Classification: {5} classic blue classic white lens polarized lens polarizing {5} classic red push-button 5} {polarized lenses bright black button classic style polarized lenses {5} classic red rotary} 5 {classic polarized lenses bright black rotary polarizing lens 5} {3} blue scrubs pneumatic polarized lenses smudge} {pneumatic polarized lens 3 {3} pneumatic bright orange lenses polarized {3} pneumatic black blue lens polarized lens 3} {pneumatic black and red tiger polarization { shark black and green polarized lens 3} {B} white shark 3 shark matte gray lens polarized {3} {bright black and yellow lenses polarized lenses polarized 5} {R} 5 Bright white Bright black and red lenses polarized {5} upgrade polarized lenses {} white red polarized lens 5 {5} upgrade bright yellow polarized lenses {5} upgrade bright black polarized lenses
  • Item: 1000
  • Glasses Category: Glasses changer can be equipped with glasses Adjustable nose pads Glasses Detachable mirror legs glasses, can be equipped with head bespectacled Other
  • Suitable for: General