China quartz plate for uv lamp filter

China quartz plate for uv lamp filter

Product description:

Name: UV quartz; UV filter; quartz plate; quartz mirror
Type: Flat

Film: Coat


Both cold and hot mirrors are used for effectively dispersing the heat (Infrared lights from the UV Lamp) away and to collect the UV rays at the same time for fast and high-quality curing without distortion the object to be cured.

Regular Size: 100x100x1 mm; 150x150x2 mm, 150x300x3 mm

Other size:

150x150x3 mm

150x150x2 mm

150x130x3 mm

150x72x3 mm

1610x74x1 mm

85x153x3 mm

288x105x30 mm

50x60 mm

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Standard or Customize size is avaiable.