infra red lighting

infra red lighting

Product description:

IR (infradred) lamp; infra red licht; infradred свет; infradred ilaw

Suitable for Heidelberg, Roland system.


For industry heating or drying at normal or vaccum circumstances, such as circuit board, paint, film ect.

* Reduction of heat loss due to radiation
* Immediate heat-up and cool down
* High radiation efficiency
* Clean heating element
* High constancy of temperature providing
* High radiation intensity in a desired area
* Gold coating or ceramic coating on back side of emitters as a reflector
* Free clamp fixture
* Custom specifications are available

Wood drying Powder coating Automobile
Painting drying Pre-heat of PCB Laminating
Packaging Sealing Textiles
Food industry Paper drying Laser printer
Ceramic Ink drying Glassware
Copy machine Fan heater Home appliance
PET bottle machine Metal industry
Furniture industry Water curing

Milky-white heating element tube and heating materials because the elements have excellent Far infrared radiativity; after electrification; the infrared and visible rays from heating material 97% are absorbed by satin silica glass tube and temperature of tube wall increases; results in vibration of silicon-oxygen bond to Radiate far infra-red rays; so that 97% visible and near infra-red rays may translate into far infra-red radiation and the Problem when use only the transparent quartz glass will transparent visible and near infra-red rays is solved The power effectively translates into far infrared rays; it suit to heat theweavefinalization Printing and dyeing; medicine and health and various industry