Metal halogen lampe

Metal halogen lampe

Product description:

Name: halogenidové výbojky; Metallhalogenidlampe; metal curing lamps; лампы металлогалогенные; lâmpada de iodetos metálicos; lámpara de halogenuro metálico; fémhalogén lámpa

Metal halide lamps are increasingly used in the Printing Industry and in a wide variety of industrial applications i. e. the production of CD's/ DVD's, wood products, and printed circuit boards.

The specific quality of the metal halide lamp can be determined by short exposure times, long service life and reliable ignition.

OEM lamps are available.

some eshine lamps can replace ORC AHD-3000MFN AHD-5000R

Wacom KXM50001F KXM5001uF


YSH-5000SG YSH-5000TA YMXL-5000TAM YSH-5001F


ARC HAS1000 HSA2002