uv coating lamps

uv coating lamps

Product description:

uv coating lamps

Eshine are able to offer the variety of equivalent UV curing lamps for more types of uv systems.

OEM Lamps: *We can customize lamps to meet your exact requirements

*power ranges: 1-15KW 40w-25kw/ cm *length: 100-2000mm

*end cap/ lamp holder: more type ceramic or metal can be selected

*lead wire/ terminal: can be altered to match your systems.

Application: Wooden floor, furniture, decoration, paper-printing, glazing, plastic daubing etc. It is used to solidify photosensitive inks in semiconductor industry, printed circuit board industry and electronic components industry. It is also popular in optic industry and photoelectric industry as well as UV conglutination industry.

Customize sample is available.

MOQ: 1PC L/ T: 5-7days