(Factory direct supply) new Samsung 500T flat leather | General bracket folding pattern of Litchi protection Holster

(Factory direct supply) new Samsung 500T flat leather | General bracket folding pattern of Litchi protection Holster

Product description:

Color: black; White; Red; Yellow; Purple; Rose Red; Pink; Sky blue; Sapphire blue; Green; Orange; Brown Brand: Samsung

Shenzhen new leather factory is engaged in all kinds of leather products Design; Produce; Processing and marketing As one of the leather goods enterprises. Companies specializing in the production of flat-panel computer and cell phone holsters. The company's integrity, strength and quality of products recognized by the industry. We will provide quality service with you hand in hand.

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Order Note:

Please contact us before ordering to confirm the color and quantity of stock in some colors, please note.

1 payment: prepaid 30% And the balance paid after shipment (collection payment). (Offsite requirements to the delivery.) ;

2 , Prices above are not tax-included prices; Neutral product prices.

3 And above price is ex factory price, free shipping (free shipping can be covered by our delivery), the offer within 1 month;

4 Delivery date: delivery order is subject to deliberation

5 , The above quotation for the order of quote; Order quantities for each 100 for each colour/color; For samples subject to sample fee; Orders will be returned to the company after all of the product's model fee (orders up to 500, the company will be returned to the model);

Express delivery Description:

I plant for the high speed express partner, all products Express default to high speed, such as your local u-speed less, please be forewarned, because it cannot express otherwise stated, during which the additional costs borne by the buyer, hope it knows.

Return description:

In order to provide better after-sales service, our uniform provisions, for factory quality problems, free returns within 7 days, for more than 7 days will not be accepted, Wang is aware of.

6; If you need design changes or modification to the products of the company; Need to mold charge (over 500 back mold fees, negotiable)