DL- Methionine

DL- Methionine

Product description:

DL- Methionine

Product Code : 31555

English name : DL-Methionine

CAS number: 59-51-8

Formula : C5H11NO2S

Molecular weight: 149.21

EINECS number: 200-432-1

Specification Assay 99%

package 25KG / Cardboard

Quality standard enterprise standard

Appearance: white powder

use : Widely used in medicine, food, feed and cosmetics, and other fields. In the food sector, strengthening food for amino acids and processed food, health care products, used as a nutritional supplement, as a special smell, it is only in the category of surimi products ; in the feed industry, the largest amount of methionine, as feed nutritional supplements, amino acids make up the balance of the feed additive.