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Molex 3.0mm wire to board connector

Molex 3.0mm wire to board connector
  • Molex 3.0mm wire to board connector
Product code: 17413700001
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Price unit: Per piece
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Product Details:
Place of Origin Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name KRX
Model Number KR3000
Brand Molex
Pitch 3.0mm
Row Single/ Dual
Application SMT/ DIP
Gender Female/ male
Type Crimp/ terminal connector
Application Wire UL AWG24-18
Category Wire Connector
Company Manufacturer
Material Rohs; UL; SGS
Detailed Product Description

1. Micro Fit Crimp Connector Housing
2. Wire connector for Led/ Lcd wire
3. Crimp housing with Pcb assembly
4. Free samples

3.0mm Molex wire to board connector

1. Technological Specification

current rating

voltage rating

temperature range

insulation resistance

withstanding voltage

contact resistance


250V AC.DC


1000M/ Min

1500V AC/ minute

20mΩ/ Max

2. Products Detail (PDF Drawing Web: www.krljq.com)




Male/ Female Housing

Male/ Female Crimp Terminal

Pin Header/ Wafer

P/ N

P/ N

P/ N







pitch: 3.0mm

wire range: AWG#20-#24

pitch: 3.0mm

poles: 2-24Pins/ circuits

Material: brass/ Tin-plating

poles: 2-24Pins/ circuits

Material: Nylon, UL94V

MPQ: 10000 / reel

PCB mounting direction: Top/ Side entry

MPQ: 1000/ bag

Material: phoshpor Bronze

contact: brass/ Tin-plating

MPQ: 1000/ bag

3. Main Productions Market:

1) .Consumer Electronic Market

2) .Computer Electronics Market

3) .Communication Electronics Market

4) .Medical Electronic Market

5) .MobilePhone Electronic Market

6) .Automobible Electronic Market

4. Main Enviromental Perfomance:

Resistant Temperature / Moisture / Salt-fog / Shock / Vibration

5. Application:

Digital camera, Home appliances, Computer, Mp3/4/5, LCD, TV, Telephone, Monitor equipment, etc.

6. About us

1) . We are professional supplier of interconnect products

2) . ISO9001 certified, committed to conforming to global environmental standards

3) . Favorable price

4) . Punctual delivery time

5) . Best after sales service

6) .We offer a wide variety of wire/ board connector solutions for telecom, computer/ peripherals, automotive, premise wiring, industrial, consumer and medical markets.

7. Micro Fit Crimp Connector Housing Pictures: