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Amp 280358 Connector with Crimp Wire

Amp 280358 Connector with Crimp Wire
  • Amp 280358 Connector with Crimp Wire
Product code: 17403100001
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Price unit: Per piece
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Product Details:
Place of Origin Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name AMP
Model Number KR2546
Type Adapter, Singal/ Power
Application PCB, wire to pcb/ wire to wire
Gender Female
Brand Amp 280358
Pitch 2.54mm
Circuits 2-16 pin
Mounting PCB Top/ Side Entry
Applicatin Wire UL AWG22-28
Color Black
Material ROHS
Detailed Product Description

1. Amp 280358 Connector with Crimp Wire
2. Series PCB connector
3. free sample, small order, fast L/ T
4. ROHS, SGS are compliant

Amp 280358 Connector with Crimp Wire

1. Technological Specification

current rating

voltage rating

temperature range

insulation resistance

withstanding voltage

contact resistance


250V AC.DC


1000M/ Min

1500V AC/ minute

20mΩ/ Max

2. Products Detail (PDF Drawing Web: www.krljq.com)




Male/ Female Housing

Male/ Female Crimp Terminal

Pin Header/ Wafer

P/ N

P/ N

P/ N







pitch: 2.54mm

wire range: AWG#22-#28

pitch: 2.54mm

poles: 2-16Pins/ circuits

Material: brass/ Tin-plating

poles: 2-16Pins/ circuits

Material: Nylon, UL94V

MPQ: 10000 / reel

PCB mounting direction: Top/ Side entry

MPQ: 1000/ bag

Material: phoshpor Bronze

contact: brass/ Tin-plating

MPQ: 1000/ bag

3. Main Productions Market:

1) .Consumer Electronic Market

2) .Computer Electronics Market

3) .Communication Electronics Market

4) .Medical Electronic Market

5) .MobilePhone Electronic Market

6) .Automobible Electronic Market

4. Main Enviromental Perfomance:

Resistant Temperature / Moisture / Salt-fog / Shock / Vibration

5. Application:

Digital camera, Home appliances, Computer, Mp3/4/5, LCD, TV, Telephone, Monitor equipment, etc.

6. About us

1) . We are professional supplier of interconnect products

2) . ISO9001 certified, committed to conforming to global environmental standards

3) . Favorable price

4) . Punctual delivery time

5) . Best after sales service

6) .We offer a wide variety of wire/ board connector solutions for telecom, computer/ peripherals, automotive, premise wiring, industrial, consumer and medical markets.

7. Amp 5 Pin Connector in PCB Pictures: