Korean hair rope buckle ball flower head wig | Simple and easy to take care of wig buds

Korean hair rope buckle ball flower head wig | Simple and easy to take care of wig buds

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: excellent odd straight hair bud head
  • Hair material: real hair
  • Brand: excellent odd
  • Single product: straight hair bud head
  • Natural Black (Large) Natural Black (Small) Dark Brown (Large) Dark Brown (Large) Light Brown (Medium) Light Brown (Medium) Dark Brown (Medium) Natural Black

2016 new straight hair contracting

Material: full real hair, smooth texture, real nature

Can be washed, can be blown, can be hot, can be dyed

Style: real hair straight hair bag

Hair: full real hair

Or start now or start seeing someone else , One after another to restore the original price .....

Early purchase early offer early to buy early delivery

small No. 8 cm diameter package around the medium-sized package diameter of about 10 cm, large hair package diameter of about 12.5 cm or so.

PS: long hair, then you can buy large, good wear point! If the hair is short, then congratulations pro, 3 numbers are suitable for you to see that the ~Please also pro-mouth bargain table and then bargain ~ Thank you for understanding!

Has been imitated but never relaxed quality!

We have been pursuing high-quality goods and quality after-sales service

Although I do not like to belittle others to set off their own,

But please do not take some of the inferior cottage brand wig to compare with us!

Warm reminder: model wig color and other reasons because of the light may be slightly different with the original color, completely unacceptable color friends, please be cautious to buy Oh.

The following models wearing models are large!

Really high-quality hair non-inferior hair treatment silk hair after washing hair will not deteriorate Oh!

Hair with real hair and other environmentally friendly raw materials

Materials are tested on the human skin, the safety of the skin without injury. Pregnant women can also wear Oh!

There are many low-cost wig on the market harmful to people oh , Some pro-wear after the allergy, parents who should pay attention to encourage buyers to shop around 30, more comments

A sub-price goods, good goods not expensive!

In the shop to spend half of the money to buy the same goods!

OUR products manufacturers straight hair, exported to Japan and South Korea.

Shooting of their own physical display

Note: As a result of courier reasons, Xinjiang, Tibet can not send care solution, you pro-Tibet, Xinjiang, please carefully shot care liquid amount ~ If photographed baby care solution, please contact online customer service ~

---Compare the pros and cons 100% real hair production, more really more healthy, hot dye rinse more casual-

.Wig is generally 1-2 months or so wash 1 times according to the frequency of MM wear.

.Cold water or warm water to wash, wash the time to use the general washing Liquid soak for 10 minutes, then rinse with water.

.Washed with water, then soak in warm water for 5 minutes, then washed with water.

.Hand wig to remove water.

.Wipe dry with a dry towel on the excess water on the wig.

.Put into ventilated place to dry, to avoid direct sunlight on the wig damage, wash wigs try not to use hair dryer

Such as high-temperature wind-dry.

.After cleaning out the modeling wig, put it in the ventilation Department should not be exposed to dry Oh ~ comb to use Wigs for combs Carding

Wig shop for sale price range) can not use a comb comb Oh. Curly hair basically do not use the comb,

Volume of each place with a good hand after finishing with it.

.If the wig with a long time to tie a bad comb do not pull hard, should be sprayed with a wig dedicated non-oily maintenance

Liquid, and then slowly carefully geographical open.

Disclaimer: We all sales description screenshots and all kinds of price display screenshots are collected in the data Rubik's cube 2014. 2.4 to 2016.1 days of data.There are real data support.