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'Supermarket' Ruibojia | Face Flutter 1 | Face Sponge / Cleansing Floss / Removing Scum / Cutin

'Supermarket' Ruibojia | Face Flutter 1 | Face Sponge / Cleansing Floss / Removing Scum / Cutin
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: REBEKAH / Rebecca
  • Makeup / beauty tools a single product: wash flutter

Hong Kong Canaan International (Group) Co., Ltd. Is a professional company engaged in make - up cosmetic accessories since 2000, developed and designed a set specifically for the Chinese domestic market to hair mirror comb, beauty products, household items, travel And other supplies for the theme of the series of products, now has 'Ruibo Jia', 'Jie Tai', 'La La', 'Rena' well-known brands.
The set of products since July 2000 has been immediately listed, such as Tesco, Carrefour, Watsons, PARKnSHOP, Vanguard, easy to buy, Sam, 711, Mannings, family and other international well-known companies of all ages, and gradually become Its main products in the same supplier.
In line with the domestic market development and full-service system, the Company has set up branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Harbin and Shenyang, which are responsible for the central, northern and southern regions respectively. The establishment of sales in Shanghai Corporation and logistics center.

product name
REBEKAH Rebecca face wash flutter

Product specifications
1 into
product quality Wood pulp
Shelf life Indefinite
Commodity origin China
product manual

• Place the cleanser on the wet face and gently wipe the entire face.

* Completely clear the dirt and aging of the cuticle, so that your skin smooth and delicate!

Special Note After use to keep clean, dry!
As some of the more frequent replacement of goods packaging, so you may receive the packaging of goods and pictures are not exactly the same, please kind to receive the goods in kind, which inconvenience you, please forgive me, thank you!

Inside the package there is a bag, clean and sanitary

Wash flutter is very soft Q, definitely not to hurt the skin oh ~