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olive oil producers turkey machine 18 kinds ABS LCD Chinese traditional Intelligent cold pressed Safty efficient Patented

olive oil producers turkey machine 18 kinds ABS LCD Chinese traditional Intelligent cold pressed Safty efficient Patented
  • olive oil producers turkey machine 18 kinds ABS LCD Chinese traditional Intelligent cold pressed Safty efficient Patented
Product code: 1737400001
Unit price: 1-500 USD
Price unit: Per piece
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Quick Details

  • Condition: New
  • Usage: 18 kinds of tested raw material
  • Type: Cold & Hot Pressing Machine
  • Automatic Grade: Automatic
  • Production Capacity: 1.5-3kg/ H
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: liancheng
  • Model Number: LC-200A/ B
  • Voltage: 220/110V
  • Power (W) : motor: 200 heating: 100
  • Dimension (L*W*H) : 610*360*310
  • Weight: 8.5kg
  • Certification: CE; ISO
  • After-sales Service Provided: Overseas third-party support available
  • Color: Green red white
  • Frequency: 50HZ
  • custom: yes
  • Lifetime: more than 10 years
  • guarantee: 1 year
  • material: Food grade ABS
  • touch panel: LCD
  • motors: LSTS intelligent DC all-copper low thermal
  • Oil extraction rate: ) =92%
  • design: DIY

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: carton box with foamor according to customers requirement
Delivery Detail: within 30 days


1. Optional raw material;
2. intelligent, low temperature pressed;
3. fresh nutrition, nergy-saving;
4. low noise, security.
5. ABS

18 kinds of raw material tested: white peanuts, corn, black sesame, white sesame, , sunflower seeds, walnuts meat, perilla seeds, flaxseed, rapeseed, hazelnuts meat, tea seed meat, hemp seed, olive meat, pumpkin seeds, pine nuts meat, almonds, watermelon seeds, red peanuts

video for the tested raw material:

Oil pressing machine (sesame testing)

http: //www. 56. com/ u78/ v_MTI0Mjc0MTk1. html

Oil pressing machine (cashew nut testing video)

http: //www. 56. com/ u91/ v_MTI0Mjc1MTc2. html

video link of Oil presser test olive 2 (Youtube)

http: //youtu.be/ ApHzr6_Hj_Q
For more test, please info us to test and take video for you.

1. Application:

Suit for: Peanut, sesame, rapeseed, tea seeds, walnuts, camellia (remember to remove the shell and smash into about 5mm before starting)

Not for: Too low Oil content and not shelled crops, example: Corn, soybeans

Note: This machine is for the household, not for the commercial, otherwise it may shorten the machine life

2. Specifications


LC-200A/ B

Rotational speed

50 R/ M

Rated voltage





50HZ/ 60HZ



Motor Power

Heating power




Green red white

3. Product Description

1.10 S Chinese traditional method, let every drop of oil be original flavor

2. Intelligent recognition, refuse pressing when there is nothing inside to prolong the life

3. Can press kinds of oil to meet different Consumers needs

4. The world's first English version oil press machine, cold pressed, no loss of nutrients

5. Materia: International food grade 304 stainless steel nickel alloy, health and safety, easy to clean

6. Oil extraction rate: ) =92%

7. Safty: as quality as Siemens, motors: LSTS intelligent DC all-copper low thermal, voice: (60DB.

8. Freely LCD touch panel, simple and easy to operate

9. Fast and efficient: preheat by only three minutes, it can press 1.5-3 kg/ H

10. High-tech air duct design to avoid the components to be overheating

11. Patent cross-docking structure, easy installation, disassembly, cleaning

12. Life: more than 10 years; money saving: only need 0.5 rmb/ D

13. Parts material: Food grade ABS, not PVC to avoid the plasticizers

14. Intelligent; Automatic; physical press; 100% pure natural

15. Cold pressed, completely retained fresh active nutrition, pure flavor

16. Convenient and time-saving: no need high-temperature, prevent the grease from be damaged

17. China Household Electrical Appliances Association vice president guarantee

18. Energy-saving and low noise

19. greaves can be for porridge, eating, fertilizer, bait, etc

4. Product Structure

5. Installation instructions

1. Insert the grinding screw into the motor shaft (pic 1&2)

2. Put the grinding chamber on the grinding screw (pic 3)

3. Turn the clamp, fasten the grinding chamber and the screw (pic 4)

4. Insert the front part into the machine (pic 5)

5. Insert the plug (pic 6)

6. Put the oil container and residual container on the right place (pic7)

6. Operating instructions

1. After power on, press the power button, preheat 5 minutes (pic 8)

2. When the screen show the temperature around 180 degree (220V) or 170 degree (110V) , please put the raw material into the hopper and press the start button (pic 9 10 11)

3. Machine working time is 10-30 minutes, depends on your raw material

Notice: Preheat 5 minutes before starting

7. Disassembly and cleaning

1. Please make sure there is no raw material in the grinding chamber after your pressing.

2. After 1 step, please press the reverse button about 30-60 seconds to disassembly the grinding chamber and screw easily

3. Take out the oil container and the residual container

4. Lift up the front part

5. Take out the grinding chamber and screw with gloves (pay attention to the high temperature of grinding chamber and screw ect)

6. Clean the grinding chamber and screw by running water with brush.

7. Dry the grinding chamber and screw, you would better put the grinding chamber and screw into the Disinfection cabinet to sterlize.

Notice: Please clean the grinding chamber and screw in time after the pressing, you can clean the hopper by clean cloth

Reverse button: press the reverse button until do not need reversal

Do not wash the heating block

8. Cautions

1. Make sure you press on a stable desktop

2. Fully assembled the grinding chamber before starting

3. Do not touch or move any moving parts when it is pressing

4. Give the hopper a poke with chopsticks if there is no raw material or less raw material to work when pressing

5. Do not touch the grinding screw when pressing

6. Do not press the off button when pressing

7. Shredding irregular raw material example walnuts to about 5mm before pressing

8. Please cool it 30 minutes before the re-pressing after your 1 hours working to prolong the machine life

9. Clean the grinding chamber and screw, then disinfected in time after pressing

10. Do not touch the grinding screw parts when it is finishing, if necessary, please clean with Anti-scald Glove

11. Be careful to move the machine and oil container to prevent the oil from Splash. After pressing

12. Turn off the power, disconnect the plug before cleaning or moving the machine. Forbidden to pull the power cable or touch the wire with wet hands

13. It is better to press the oil how much you want to use, better not to press too much to ensure you can have the fresh oil

14. Peanuts, black sesame, white sesame, sunflower seeds, walnuts, rapeseed, tea seed etc not need bake. Cold press is better

15. Do not share the power source with the other high-power appliances. Please be with leakage protection switch

16. Never leave the machine, power cable and plug immersed in water or other liquids

17. Watch the machine when it is pressing, to avoid accidents

18. Do not use it if the machine parts or Structure damaged especially the security protection device and power cable. Do not attempt to repair by yourself. Let the professionals to do it to avoid accidents

19. Do not insert the metal foil or other conductive material into the oil pressers, in case of fire or short circuit

20. Do not allow children or disabled persons to operate this machine without any guidance

21. Do not use it on or near to high temperature gas or electrothermal stove

22. Leave the oil pressers from the inflammable items

23. Must let the manufacture or professional maintenance department or a similar department to replace it if the power damaged

24. Out range of children, not place in the sealed room

25. Please use the machine in accordance with the uses of it to prevent from leakage and other hazards

9. Common Faults

1. Grinding screw get stuck

Press the reverse button repeatedly until the grinding chamber and the screw can be unloaded successfully, clean it and the reload

2. Motor does not work, no pressing

Check the power

3. Motor stop working when pressing

The hopper no raw material over 3 minutes, the system is self-protecting; machine get stuck, grinding screw stop turning, the system is self-protecting; you press the start power or not

10. Residual Recipes

The main ingredients of Residua is proteins, and other trace elements which are good for health. Can be used for peanut butter, tahini, dumplings, biscuits, rice balls, porridge ect