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Automatic Vacuum Sealer

Automatic Vacuum Sealer
  • Automatic Vacuum Sealer
  • Automatic Vacuum Sealer
Product code: 17257200001
Unit price: 11.8 USD
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Minimum order: 1000
Other info: 96KG White Red Purple
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The Automatic vacuum sealer system by vacuum sealer makes airtight storage a snap. Designed for everyday convenience and durability, the Automatic vacuum sealer is ultra-compact so it doesn't take up your precious countertop space, and uses professional-grade zip-top bags you can repeatedly re-open and re-use. The bags are even strong enough to go straight from the refrigerator or freezer to the microwave or stovetop. just like you do when you're moving about the kitchen. To use the Automatic vacuum sealer, simply fill & close a re-closeable Fresh-keeper bag, place it in the Automatic vacuum sealer, click the lid shut and watch as it goes to work, using patent-pending technology to remove air and lock in freshness. Whether you're using it hold bulk foods, leftovers, or coffee beans, the Automatic vacuum sealer will preserve taste, texture, and nutrients up to five times longer than many other storage methods. Each product is equipped with 6-10 plastic bags, bag size 270 * 355MM and 200 * 295MM. Each plastic bag can be reused 100 times.

QUICK-Airtight storage is a snap. With hands-free operation, you can seal one bag while prepping the next. Fresh-keeper bags open without scissors or knife, so you can take what you need and reseal the rest in seconds.

SIMPLE-One click is all it takes. Fill a bag with ingredients, produce, meats, leftovers, or anything else you want to keep fresh. Place the bag under Automatic vacuum sealer s lid, close it and let go; Automatic vacuum sealer will do the rest.

READY-Compact, convenient, and always ready-to-go. Automatic vacuum sealer is small enough to fit on your counter, but powerful enough to remove virtually all the air from Fresh-keeper bags. Use Automatic vacuum sealer everyday, for everything from snacks to big batches.