Circular Vibrating Screen

Circular Vibrating Screen

Product description:

Circular vibrating screen (circular vibrating screen) Product Overview:

YK Series Circular Shaker Mainly composed of screen box, screen, vibrator and damping springs and other components. Vibrator mounted on the screen box side, rotated by a motor through the coupling to generate centrifugal force, force the screen box vibration. For this series shaker screen is the main wearing parts according to material types and user requirements, can be high manganese steel textile mesh, perforated screen and rubber sieve, sieve have single and double two kinds, all kinds of sieve can meet the high efficiency, long life, no clogging requirements. Jinyang shaker as seat-mounted, adjust tilt screen surface can be achieved by changing the position of the spring seat height to achieve. motors are mounted on the left side of the screen frame, It can also be installed on the right side of the screen frame, such as no special requirements, the manufacturer according to the direction of movement of the right side of the material supply installation.

Circular vibrating screen (circular vibrating screen) main purposes:

YK series Circular Vibrating Screen Jinyang company is based on user needs, to learn advanced technology at the domestic research and development of products, the series round vibrating sieve screen box circular trajectory for coal, limestone, crushed stone, gravel, metal or non-metal ores and other materials sieved.

Circular Vibrating Screen structural features:

Round sieve shaker drive machine simple structure, easy maintenance petal-shaped disc couplings and flexible couplings, universal coupling overcome fragile defects; vibrator use eccentric block structure, reasonable structure and simple ; can choose to supporting bins, feed tank to increase the effective screening area of ​​application shaker, while extending the life of the feed end of the screen; the transmission part of the increase in the middle of transition bearing, intermediate bearing application transition effective protection motor, extended motor life. motors are mounted on the left side of the screen frame can also be mounted on the right side of the screen frame. Jinyang circular vibrating screen for the seat-mounted adjustment screen surface inclination can be achieved by changing the height of the spring bearing position achieve.

YK series circular vibrating screen (circular vibrating screen) installation and commissioning:

YK series Circular Vibrating Screen Should equipment drawing requirements when installing embedded steel, requires embedded steel on a plane in the same horizontal plane, install the required embedded steel, foot bolts, etc. owned by the installation department. Support spring of each screen machine Before installation should be optional, to ensure that all spring height and stiffness are basically the same.

After shaker factory; if more than six months to install; bearings removed within the vibrator must be cleaned before installation;. Inject new grease (the 2nd Lithium Grease) This series shaker after the re-installation, use hand rotation of the eccentric shaft can not have too much resistance or stuck phenomenon, or should be adjusted promptly find out the reason.

Shaker installing the components, after passing the examination can be carried out commissioning, should be carefully checked before commissioning throughout the bolts are tightened, whether there is prejudice screen machines around the screen frame vibration obstructions.

Commissioning 4-6 hours to observe screening machine operation, if abnormal noise or vibration loss phenomenon, should promptly stop to check the reasons, troubleshooting commissioning should check the following items:

1, the vibrator bearing temperature, highest temperature does not exceed 75 ℃, temperature does not exceed 45 ℃.

2, around the fastening bolts fastening, found loose should be tightened on time.

Shaker commissioning can be put into production after passing sieve machine into post-production within the first two weeks, should be weekly throughout the fastening bolts and re-tighten again, a month later tightened again.

YK series circular vibrating screen (circular vibrating screen) use and maintenance:

Sieve shaker should face no material circumstances start to avoid power strip, screen machine running smoothly before I can give material. Stop preceded stop feeding until the screen surface material excluded after stopping working process should be regularly observation screen machine operation, such as found in sports is not normal or abnormal sound, should promptly stop to check, identify the causes and troubleshooting. vibrator bearing the 2nd lithium grease lubrication, under normal circumstances, filling every two months grease, add the amount should not be too much, otherwise it will lead to bearing overheating vibrator use six months later, check the grease circumstances, such as found in dry or lumps, should be replaced with new clean grease, bearing should be cleaned once a year inspection.

Circular Vibrating Screen (Vibrating Feeder) Model Description:

2 Y K • •
┬ ┬ ┬ ┬ ┬
│ │ │ │ │
│ │ │ │ └────────── screen surface length dm
│ │ │ │
│ │ │ └───────────- screen surface width dm
│ │ │
│ │ └───────────── block eccentric vibrator
│ │
│ └──────────────- circular vibrating

└──────────────── screen surface layer (monolayer not write)

YK series circular vibrating screen (circular vibrating screen) Technical parameters:

model Screen surface Feeding size Capacity Vibration frequency Double amplitude Electric motor Each jog load Total weight
Floors area inclination Sieve structure model power Working time When Kai shutdown
YK1430 1 4.2 15 3-100 Punching, polyurethane ≤200 18-375 970 7-10 Y160M-6 7.5 ±800 ±6400 3612
YK1845 1 6 21-438 970 Y180L-6 15 ±1000 ±8000 4664
YK2050 1 8.1 23-479 970 Y180L-6 15 ±1200 ±9600 5426
YK2445 1 10.5 26-542 970 Y200L-6 18.5 ±1200 ±9600 6232
YK2450 1 12 ≤200 31-646 970 Y200L-6 22 ±1800 ±9600 7000
YK2460 1 14.4 ≤200 31-646 970 Y225M-6 30 ±1800 ±14400 8490
YK3060 1 18 ≤200 39-813 980 Y225M-6 30 ±2400 ±19200 10510
YK3660 1 21.6 ≤200 47-976 980 Y250M-6 37 ±4000 ±32000 14900
2YK1430 2 4.2 ≤200 18-375 970 Y180L-6 15 ±1200 ±9600 5500
2YK1638 2 6 ≤200 21-438 970 Y200L-6 18.5 ±1600 ±12800 7000
2YK1845 2 8.1 ≤200 23-479 970 Y200L-6 22 ±2000 ±16000 8300
2YK2050 2 10 ≤200 26-542 980 Y225M-6 30 ±2400 ±19200 9800
2YK2450 2 12 ≤200 31-646 980 Y225M-6 30 ±3200 ±25600 10500
2YK2460 2 14.4 ≤200 31-646 980 Y225M-6 30 ±3200 ±25600 11210
2YK3060 2 18 ≤200 31-646 980 Y250M-6 37 ±4400 ±35200 15800

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